Researching in the Arctic necessitates specific clothes and gear. The temperatures, the weather in Kangerlussuaq is favourable but cold through may. The months of June, July and August are temperate with normal temperatures around +5 to approximately +20 degrees. Because of the Arctic mosquitoes infesting the West coast during the summertime, insect repellent and nets are necessary.

Wild animals can also be a source of problem and danger. Polar bears are not common in the area but may roam inland. Musk oxen and caribou will change if approached too closely. With appropriate and respectful behaviour towards animals, negative experiences are minimized.

For general safety advice, read:

In case of danger near Kangerlussuaq, please contact

Search & Rescue (SAR)

Search and Rescue Air Greenland Helicopters. Air Greenland is working on behalf of the Danish State with the Arctic Commando, the Police and the Joint Rescue Coordination Center. Only two SAR helicopters are available, a S-61 located in Kangerlussuaq and a Bell 212 in South Greenland.


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