Getting to Kangerlussuaq

Getting to Kangerlussuaq

Getting to Kangerlussuaq

There are currently only two international departure points for flights to Greenland and no international ferries:

If you are already in Greenland, Air Greenland currently offer direct flight options from Ilulissat, Aasiaat, Sisimiut, Maniitsoq, Nuuk, and Narsarsuaq.

For general information about visiting Kangerlussuaq, please refer to the Destination Arctic Circle website.

Competitor in Extreme-E near Kangerlussuaq in 2021
Photo: Lasse Kyed – Destination Arctic Circle
The Ice Road that stretches between Kangerlussuaq and the Greenland Ice Sheet enables a wide range of scientific research
Photo: Lisa Germany – Destination Arctic Circle

Getting equipment to Kangerlussuaq

There are two main companies that offer shipping support for equipment:

  • Kang Mini Tours – a local company that handles all forms of logistics to and from Greenland
  • Blue Water Shipping – an international transport and logistics company specializing in sea freight to/from Greenland. They have several depots around Greenland, including in Sisimiut.
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