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Welcome to Kangerlussuaq, the climate change research center of Greenland.  We offer unique opportunities for international researchers thanks to the most stable airport in all of the arctic, a gravel road going all the way to the ice sheet, an ATV track to Sisimiut, and facilities and accommodations for all scientists.

This website aims to help research get an overview of science services and information about Kangerlussuaq.

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KANGERLUSSUAQ: The identity of Kangerlussuaq differs from other settlements in Greenland. Such a distinction is mainly explained by the modern history of Kangerlussuaq, namely, the presence of the international airport, the American military buildings, the size and names of the roads or the presence of American soldiers. In addition to the presence of American military forces, international tourists and researchers are frequently going to Kangerlussuaq; the town offering rich opportunities for research and leisure activities. To know more about the history of the town, there is the Kangerlussuaq museum which tells the story of Inuit peoples who used the region as hunting grounds far in the past and the American presence through the US military forces.

Various opportunities are offered by the surroundings: sledge dog and snowmobile during the wintertime, hiking, hunting, safari in the tundra, climbing or walking on the Greenland Ice Sheet during the summertime. Such opportunities offered by nature explain both the presence of tourists and researchers working on climate change, the area being a representative place of how Arctic places are affected by climate change.

The research history of Kangerlussuaq began with the University of Michigan which decided to organize studies from 1926 about plants, glaciers and anticyclones. Today, inhabitants and visitor are witnesses of the research history’s legacy of Kangerlussuaq through the names of Russel and Leverett, named after the University of Michigan professors Israel Cook Russel and Frank Leverett.

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