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Accommodation in Kangerlussuaq

Accommodation for researchers

Kangerlussuaq Science & Tourism Support (KS&TS)

A private owned company providing facilities and services to science and tourism. KS&TS offers accommodation, work areas, office space, storage rooms, practical service, transport, camps, and other needs you may have.
It is a new company, that has renovated a building like KISS, with a good standard.

Contact information:
+299 589897

Kangerlussuaq International Science Support (KISS)

Owned by the Greenlandic government and operated by the Greenland Civil Aviation Department, Mittarfeqarfiit. KISS has several buildings holding wet laboratory, dry laboratory, computer room with internet access, kitchen, mess, living room, conference room, toilets, showers, well-equipped workshop, offices and storage room. The laboratories are equipped with only very basic equipment such as ovens, scale, refrigerator and deep freezer.
Scientific equipment: Deep freezer, refrigerators, drying oven, electrical power (110 V and 220-230 V, 60 Hz)
KISS can accommodate up to more than 300 persons.

For more information contact KISS Manager:
Chris Sørensen
+299 524533

General accommodation

For other non-research specific accommodation options and conference facilities in Kangerlussuaq, visit:


Air Support

The towns offer to researchers various options whereas transportation in the Arctic is usually scarce, unreliable and expensive. The unusual high regularity for air transportation in Kangerlussuaq Airport means that not only international and domestic air transports in and out of Kangerlussuaq are reliable, it also means that Search and Rescue helicopters are located in Kangerlussuaq: although you cannot rent the SAR air transportation, it gives researchers and others improved security in the area

  • If you are supported by the National Science Foundation (USA), your research team is eligible to get supported by the American Air Forces and the US logistic company based on Kangerlussuaq
  • If you are not supported by the NSF, you can work with Air Greenland Charter which provides helicopters – non dedicated to research: the Eurocopter AS 350. They have a maximum take-off weight of 2,250t and a maximum of passengers onboard of 5.
  • Another alternative is contacting the Icelandic company Norlandair which provides planes adapted to rough terrains, with skis for landing on snow/ice. The Twin Otter planes have a maximum take-off weight of 5,5t and a maximum of passengers onboard 10. Please contact Norlandair for more information:
  • The last solution is to bring your own plane or helicopter to conduct researches on the ice sheet. The airport of Kangerlussuaq has a lot of space to take care of your airplane.

Car Rental

Thanks to the ice road, you can drive from Kangerlussuaq all the way to ice sheet all year round.
Here are the car rental options:

Boat charter

In the summer time it is possible to venture out in the Kangerlussuaq fjord, sailing in the fjords and sea in Greenland with passengeres requires a passenger sailing permit. Do not sail with companies without this permit.
Here are the boat charter options:

Storage for research equipment

Kangerlussuaq has several companies who will help you coordinate the storage of research equipment:


Kangerlussuaq has been at the forefront of telecommunications in the Arctic. Special telecommunications equipment has been set up in and around Kangerlussuaq as a consequence of military forces, international airport, research and SAR operations going on in Kangerlussuaq. This also means special telecommunications experts have detailed information about telecommunication possibilities in Kangerlussuaq.
Here are companies present in Kangerlussuaq that can provide telecommunications service:

Grocery stores

Kangerlussuaq is a small settlement but provides all necessary services:

  • Kang Mini Marked: A private mini market offering food, beverages, various equipment etc.
  • Pilersuisoq: A government owned modest supermarket offering food, beverages, various equipment etc.
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