Events in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Public meetings and online conferences

For a better promotion of Kangerlussuaq’s research opportunities, we strongly encourage the sharing of findings with the local community. According to us,the Greenlandic community should get the opportunity to know about researchers’ activities going on in Kangerlussuaq and get more precise and scientific knowledge about their region and country. Indeed, peoples living in Kangerlussua generally love nature and are frequently hunting, hiking and fishing: scientific knowledge about the area would be very welcomed and insightful. In collaboration with KISS and the public authorities, it will be possible to share your findings through public meetings with the local population. You will be supported by the Municipality


In August 2021 Kangerlussuaq will be the home to some of the World’s most genius automobile and mechanical minds: Extreme E, called the “Electric Odysee” which is an FIA-sanctioned international off-road racing series that uses electric SUVs to race in five remote parts of the world each year. All racing locations are chosen to raise awareness regarding some aspects of climate change and Extreme E maintains a “Legacy programme” which intends to provide social and environmental support for these locations.

As the centre of Arctic, working with Extreme-E is our way to support the climate change research, the organizer supporting a science team from The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The picture above is part of where the race will be held. Photo by Lisa Germany.

For more information, please visit Extreme-E’s website.


The Polar Circle Marathon is organized each year at 66 degrees northern latitude since 2001. Due to the cold temperatures and the slippery surfaces, this marathon constitutes a unique challenge for runners. The race begins from the Greenland ice sheet and takes place in impressive nature sceneries:  a large part of the race takes place on the ice sheet road connecting Kangerlussuaq to the ice cap.

Running of the Musk Ox is an annual race and it is truly a Kangerlussuaq community effort. Many local businesses and groups, from tour companies to local artists and craftsmen, to the Kangerlussuaq school’s young student body, helps organize and host the event. The first race was held in August of 2012 and was the idea of some employees of the original race host – Polar Field Services.  The number of participants in the first event was 50 and has grown  steadily over the years. The number of participants was over 180 in 2015.  As they say, not bad for a town of 499.  Above photo is from and belongs to Running of the Musk ox.

Here are some descriptive field notes from the 2013 event.

The Joint Science Education Project

The Joint Science Education Project is a project funded by the National Science Foundation and organized each year in Kangerlussuaq. The project is presented as a diplomatic effort to inspire future generations of arctic scientists and gathers students from Denmark, Greenland and the United States. It is a unique opportunity for these students to deepen their scientific knowledge and figuring out what opportunities are offered by the surroundings of Kangerlussuaq (Watson River, the lakes and glaciers, the wildlife, etc.). The students live together and learn how to work in three different languages (English, Danish and Greenlandic).

KISS is accommodating a week these junior researchers, which appears one time again as a hub for research and a resource for international and collaborative science. Then these students experience a trip on the Greenland ice sheet to practice their lessons, by going with the C-130s to the Summit Station.


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