As the primary gateway into Greenland, Kangerlussuaq has a wide range and large number of beds available. The map opposite shows the location of each, including those available to the general public and those specifically for scientific researchers.

If you plan to use the publicly available accommodation at all, we recommend you book very early.

General accommodation options include:

  • Hotel Kangerlussuaq – private rooms, suites, private bathrooms
  • Polar Lodge – private rooms, shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and common area
  • Old Camp – private rooms, shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and common area
  • Kangerlussuaq Youth Hostel – private rooms, dorm rooms, shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and common area
  • JMM-Gruppen – 3-bedroom house, shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and common room. Contact +299 524260

There are also accommodations in Kangerlussuaq on Airbnb

Research specific accommodation

Kangerlussuaq International Science Support (KISS)

Owned by the Greenlandic government and operated by the Greenland Civil Aviation Department, Mittarfeqarfiit. KISS has several buildings holding wet laboratory, dry laboratory, computer room with internet access, kitchen, mess, living room, conference room, toilets, showers, well-equipped workshop, offices and storage room. The laboratories are equipped with only very basic equipment such as ovens, scale, refrigerator and deep freezer.
Scientific equipment: Deep freezer, refrigerators, drying oven, electrical power (110 V and 220-230 V, 60 Hz)
KISS can accommodate up to more than 300 persons.

For more information contact KISS Manager:
Chris Sørensen
+299 524533

Kangerlussuaq Science & Tourism Support (KS&TS)

A private owned company providing facilities and services to science and tourism. KS&TS offers accommodation, work areas, office space, storage rooms, practical service, transport, camps, and other needs you may have.
It is a new company, that has renovated a building like KISS, with a good standard.

Contact information:
+299 589897

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